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Catseye Pug range

We have added the fantastic Catseye Pug range to our website and we are sure you would agree they are absolutely adorable! In the range we have Pug Cosmetics bags, visit web Pug glasses case, pill Pug Notebooks, information pills Pug Shopper bag even a pug wallet.

We also have the new limited edition Pugs on road bag & zip purse. The now iconic close-up image of a pug design that feature on the items make sure there is no mistaking what type of dog you love making it a perfect gift for Pug dog lovers.

The Pug cosmetics bags and Catseye Pug zip purse are made from durable PVC and are fully lined, some are large enough to store your cosmetics in or for your travel-size toiletries, or even for your dogs treats!


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