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Jodie Marsh – Celebrity Pug Mum

Jodie Marsh is the first in our ‘Pugs and Celebrities’ feature and with her lovely Pug Peggy Sue it’s a very good place to start. Jodie is a huge dog lover and owner of British Bulldogs Paddy and Cybil, Louie (Mix) and the one we have most interest in her gorgeous Pug Peggy Sue!

Jodie has been a very successful model and TV Personality since 2002, featuring and modelling in many magazines.  Having been on our TV screens in multiple guises right up to the present day where she is now an activist against bullying via her television documentaries and twitter. She has also appeared on the TV program it’s me or the dog with Victoria Stillwell when Paddy her bulldog was only a puppy.

Miss Marsh is a massive user and fan of Twitter (please follow her here @jodiemarsh) and is using the social networking site to help her fight against bullying with her #deleteandblock campaign.

She is also the proud owner of a lovely I LOVE PUG sweatshirt and I LOVE PUG women’s T-shirt which she wears in true style as she only can.

We have proof that Jodie really LOVES PUGS just like the rest of us do…well who doesn’t!

As well as loving Pugs we love Jodie too X X X



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