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Puppia Soft Harness for your Pug

We all love taking our little bundles of puggy  joy on their walkie’s right? So why not ensure that they are enjoying it as much they possibly can with a Puppia soft harness or Puppia jacket harness which will help them breath easier opposed to a standard traditional collar.

Not only are they beneficial for your pug they are the height of Dog Fashion. With a range of awesome styles and matching Puppia leads turn the pavement into a runway and your pug will be the envy of every dog park. With Spring on the way and Summer just around the corner we have tons of new bright colours to match the changing of the seasons. The Puppia Blossom soft harness is a great example with it’s far out polka dot and flower power design in eye catching colours look how happy this little critter is in his :)

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So why don’t you treat your little furry friend to a Puppia harness or Puppia Jacket with a matching Puppia lead? We’ve got tons to choose from right here you will be spoiled for choice!

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