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Robin Williams – A great man and pug lover


In 2010, Williams adopted Leonard, a pug puppy through the Curly Tail Pug Rescue.  He also posed for a calender to help raise money for LaRussa’s Animal Rescue Foundation – this comic genius had a big heart with so much love for animals and most of all for Pug’s especially Leonard being an adoption advocate and pug dad himself.

Robin was TRULY committed to helping and rescue work with Curly Tail Pug Rescue for several months, he had shown that to adopt and not shop was a great way to give animals a 2nd chance.

Robin Williams had tweeted that his “Buddy was Leonard and he missed him when he was on the road” now Leonard will be missing his buddy and will see him again we hope at the rainbow bridge.

We in the UK are so lucky and fortunate to not have the vast amount of Pug rescues that are required in America and Canada, it’s such a shame to hear that there are so many pugs that need to be saved over there but you can help by taking a look at Curly Tail Pug Rescue’s website HERE and seeing if you too can make a donation to help pugs in need.

Thank you Robin for being such a great actor and comedian and best of all a pug dad and Leonard will be eternally grateful to you for saving him. 

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