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“Superhero” Themed Sponsored Pug Walk


We are so pleased to be able to tell you about the first National Sponsored Pug Walk which will take place around the UK on Saturday 6th September 2014.

Anyone can take part or organise a walk local to them – it can be done by an individual, couple or groups. There is a “Superhero” fancy dress theme for anyone – or any pug – who would like to dress up!

Please email to request the Registration Form and Official Sponsorship Form, so they are able to track events around the country and post on their Facebook page where the events are being held.

Get your pugs together and give it a go, it’s for an amazing cause to help pugs in need around the UK. Visit the official Pug dog welfare & rescue association website HERE to see what great work they do and learn more about how you may be able to help…PUG POWER!

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