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Puppia is the worlds leading dog fashion label which includes the original PUPPIA soft harness for dogs and at I LOVE PUGS we are pleased to be able to provide this brand and it’s quality products.

Puppia soft harnesses feature a soft mesh harness that are double stitched for strength, and softly padded under your dogs chest. The Puppia Soft Harness comes in a wide variety of colours all with matching leads and accessories.

With some Pugs having breathing difficulties due to having short noses these soft harnesses are recommended by vets due to their comfortable design which does not put strain on your dog’s neck. Also with pugs having eyes that do bulge any sudden pull if your dog is wearing a regular collar could have an unfortunate accident of their eye’s popping out, so a soft harness is the smartest choice to avoid common problems associated with an average collar.

Keep your pug in good shape on his or her walk with a Puppia Soft Harness for Dogs SHOP HERE NOW >>>