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Benefits of a Soft Harness for your Pug


Do you use a collar and lead for walking your pug? This may not be ideal and you may want to consider using a soft harness. These harnesses are ideal as they do not put any strain around your pugs neck and they distribute the weight of your dog around the chest and shoulders which in turn will reduce any choking or injury.

When pugs pull on a collar it can damage their trachea (throat) and it also puts pressure on the pugs eyes. If someone decided to chokes you, you’re going to feel the pressure build behind your eyes and as Pugs have very shallow eye sockets this pressure is very dangerous for them which could result in their eyes even popping out in extreme cases. They are also prone to trachea. collapse.

We all know that Pugs can be headstrong little dogs and they love to pull and tug on their leashes, switching to a soft harness gives extra suppor and unlike a collar, allows pugs to breath even when pulling.

Some great advantages of using soft & step in Harnesses -

  • Comfort - The materials used in soft harness are assured to provide maximum comfort for your Pug or small dog by not restricting your pet’s movements ensuring there will be no chafe or rubbing causing their hair to mat or tangle.
  • It protects the neck of your dog - Soft harnesses are perfect alternatives for standard collars which can also result in injury to the neck of the animal, especially if your dog tends to pull while walking. The soft harness, on the other hand, distributes the weight of your dog across its shoulders, removing the strain from the neck.
  • Recommended by veterinarians all over the world - A soft harness is one of the few dog accessories that are highly recommended by animal doctors. Vets use their knowledge and experience to vouch for the benefits that a  soft harness provides.
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