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Hello Pug world!

Hello everyone and welcome to our I ? Pugs blog.

We hope you love our clothing as much as we all love our Pugs which will be pretty difficult to do, as we all know once these lovable little four legged creatures are in our hearts they will stay there forever. It is quite clear to anyone that has owned or met a pug that they are very special and like no other dog – in fact they seem even human at times!

The Pug is one of the oldest breeds and has flourished true to it’s breed down through the ages from before 400 B.C. The Pug has always been domesticated and has endeared itself to mankind.

This lovable and staunch little dog is well described by the motto Multum in Parvo – “a lot of dog in a small space.”

We look forward to you getting involved and being part of our Pug community ‘cos I love pugs, You love Pugs and we are all proud to say it!

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3 Comments on "Hello Pug world!"

  • Ben

    This is a wonderful place for all pug lovers! As a pug owner from China, where Pugs are originally from, I am very glad to know that pugs are so popular in the world.

    Best wishes for I LOVE PUGS!

    • admin

      Thanks Ben and Happy Chinese New year – much love from the Pugs…Penny & meg X

  • Oh my stars! More puganalia! How much pug stuff can one person have? A lot is NEVER enough! I’m going to have a build another room in my house at this rate! Love your stuff and intend to purchase very soon!

    From Wendy & Australia’s most spoilt pugs – Oink & Sasha