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Puppia Car Seatbelt Leads for your Pug – Safety first!

Protect your Pug with a Car Seatbelt Lead from Puppia!
We all know our little pug chums get very excited when it is walkie time and also when they take a ride in our cars to get to the beach or just getting around from A to B. When travelling with our little furry friends we know they can get a bit over excited and this could easily result in an accident if they are not properly secured in your vehicle.
The Puppia seat belt lead is your answer to this very important problem. It easily just clips instantly into your seatbelt transforming your dogs Puppia soft harness into a safe and comfortable way of securing your dog in the car.
Just attach the car seatbelt lead to your existing Puppia harness and it buckles right into your car seatbelt, page safely securing your Pug during travel…we hope this is something you look at and keep you, your pug and family safe on the road. Take a look at one of the Puppia seatbelt leads here.

WARNING: Not compatible with Volvo® Vehicles

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